About Us!

Who are We?

GEFS is an outlook for students interested in global business and international affairs to develop the skills needed to understand changing global conditions,what drives institutional change and how consumer behavior will change over time.

What Do We Do?

GEFS members, lead by continental representatives, meet weekly to discuss and present global business affairs and how they interconnect. These discussions are used to create articles and infographics pertaining to current issues.

Why Do We Care?

A commitment to global awareness places GEFS in a category different from other professional and academic clubs. The members believe cultural, political and economic awareness is a transforming skill in any field. Therefore, GEFS offers an environment that truly welcomes students from any background that have a genuine interest in learning about the interconnectedness of our world.

Meet Our Team!

Sarah Mather


Jacob Johansen

Vice President and Regional Head - North America

Philip Garbarini


Jackson Booth

Regional Head - Europe

Sarah Nicholson

Regional Head - Asia

Hannah Saunders

Regional Head - Middle East

Abigail Cundiff

Regional Head - Africa

Matt Masheb

Regional Head - Latin America

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